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Schlage Locks

Schlage is the company known best for their commercial grade locks and security devices, now they have done what many computer companies have failed at for 30 years - bringing you access to your home security, lights, air conditioning, locks, cameras and access - all from your smart phone. eTECHTim.com host Tim Greenwood talks with Aine Denari of Schlage.

Wicked Headphones

Wicked Headphones put out great sound and have designs to turn your friends' heads while they are sitting on yours. The best colors for headphones and earbuds, with 3D styling, from WickedHeadphones.com eTECHTim's Tim Greenwood talks with Kristin Bean from Wicked.

Solar Flashlight

How about cool looking things that actually work? Discovery has lent its name to the Expedition line of low power and self powered devices just right for a camper, backpacker, or a purse or desk drawer in case of emergency or power outage. eTECHTim.com 's Tim Greenwood spoke with Dave Lewis at the Consumer Electronics show for a sneak preview of great graduate and Father's day gift that really work - and are designed to work a long time.

Expedition Gear

Brighter, lighter, safer, and easier to use are all characteristics of the Discovery Expedition brand of personal lighting and rechargeable goodies. A solar radio, a crank charge flashlight make everyone ready for any natural disaster in their home town, anywhere in the world. Dave Lewis from Discovery talks with eTECHTim's Tim Greenwood to show off a sneak preview of these products available for graduation and father's day gifts.


What do you buy for the iPad or iPhone that has everything already? Why, Furniture of course ! The polycarbinate iChair acts as a two position stand for portrait (up and down) or landscape (crossways) display of your iPad. Also, it has a smaller foot to provide that needed tilt when using your iPad as a keyboard. eTECHTim's Tim Greenwood talks with Shefali Sedey. goiChair.com

Apple's Newest Mouse

Apple's newest mouse was invented by a Doctor with a shoulder injury. From this came a mouse with a pivot that takes stress off your arm and shoulder. The Whirl (tm) ErgoMotion (tm) powered mouse from GetSmartFish.com is designed to reduce repetitive stress injuries naturally. eTECHTim.com host Tim Greenwood talks to the mouse inventor Jack Atzmon.


Roaming the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show were the team from BoomPhones.com. This company makes headphones perfectly designed to share your music - without ever taking them off of your head. One touch, and they are high quality great sounding headphones for you alone - But touch the button and the speakers on the back of each side of the headphones turn your headphones into a boombox. Now, share your music with everyone.

The National Association of Broadcasters 2011

EasyRig Camera Mount

EasyRig inventor Johan Hellsten talks with eTechTim.com about his invention and how it makes wild shots including " the dodge " possible. His EasyRig is carried by 16x9 inc of Los Angeles.

Never again see raindrops on your camera lens - honest ! A double award winner at Nab 2011, the Spintec is a special lens rain deflector that spins too fast for rain to hang on. Innovision-Optics.com President Mark Centkowski demonstrates.

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Tim Greenwood


Tim says "Remember, you're the person in charge and that thing is just a machine or computer. It is here to do what you want - not the other way around."

When time is short and tempers are shorter, the calm, clear, reassuring information from Tim Greenwood can make things less of a grind. You've heard Tim reporting, on CBS in Los Angeles from the helicopter for KNX 10.70 radio and on CBS 2 television. Also on KABC radio in Los Angeles with the news.

Tim is the international voice of the Hollywood News Report TV show, formerly the voice of Hollywood Reporter TV. He has made sense of technical issues working with the National Association of Broadcasters show (NAB Show) as a reporter and anchor for their HD pavilion. He has appeared in several films, including Prom Night, True Grit, and Project X. Tim teaches film post production and editing to Masters level students at the New York Film Academy.

Tim reported from Tampa Bay Florida on WTOG TV live during Hurricane Andrew. Also in Tampa, There, Tim worked with HSN as a celebrity segment host and producer. Also in Tampa, Tim launched the animated feature "Bobb Sledd, Not a Private Eye" (tm) during his Limelight- the entertainment show radio program.

PBS stations in Los Angeles, Tampa, Orlando and Denver have all seen Tim make things make sense for the viewers in the work he does on live TV. For 7 years Tim has hosted the live broadcast of the Ontario, California (a Los Angeles Suburb) July 4th Parade on TV in Los Angeles and broadcast on the web: OntarioParade.com

Now, with eTECHTim, Tim is here to make electrical things, technology things and just plain things less scary or annoying and put you back in charge of those things you charge up.

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